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Once upon a time web and sponsoring…

It’s a story  about sponsoring and web that decided to get married on September 2004, after web beats some other pretenders like TV, print and radio! Sponsoring and web decided to live in a building of Mirafiori, district of Torino (Italy) and they easily did a little and  freestyle child, who gave them a lot of satisfactions so far. During 6 years of marriage they had many children, just to not  get bored: an Olympic athlete, a F1 500 Wroomer, a two wheels Japanese rider!

Today they celebrate sixth year of marriage with a brand new initiative, enter the Fiat Yamaha Team paddock and let followers and fans to discover everything about motoring, riders and places surrounding this marvellous circus called MotoGP like Losail and Doha in Qatar or Tokio, Yokohama, Fuji, Hamamatsu and Motegi in Japan.