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Give it back, the necessary side of the 2.0

Fiat Santas packing SE phones for Bravo MSN winners

I spent last morning packaging and posting prizes for the winners of Fiat Bravo MSN competition. Fiat is involving users online since many years, in particular since May 2006, 500 days before the launch of Fiat 500. Sometimes we don’t need to establish any competition: everybody just participates to a specific project (choose an accessory…) because he/she feels to do something or to create very good ideas for the product development and for him/herself in the future. Sometimes we organise international contest to design details of a car. Other times we make a contest with other brands: in this case prizes are easier to give :-) (I.E: a mobile phone is  cheaper than a car).

I prefer spontaneous participation and today I’m very happy because our official Facebook page got more than 3’000 fans, without any adv or media spending. This means: 1) we have an interesting Brand (w0w) and  2) what we are doing to create conversation around it is working very well: Moto GP live blogging, instant pool, a wide and daily activity on the main social network.

My holidays begins today, see you in September….